New Years' Eve Traditions from Around the World

New Years’ Eve is one of our favorite nights to celebrate. It’s time to say farewell to the old, and hello to the new! At the stroke of midnight, our wishes (and resolutions) are ready to take flight.  

Whether you’re ready to clink glasses at a house party or departing for a night on the town, we’re all expecting that epic countdown, plenty of black, gold & white, noisemakers, confetti and kisses when the clock strikes 12.

Elsewhere in the world, it’s a whole different scenario! Read on to get the 411 on our fav NYE traditions from around the world.

Denmark: Hide your fine china, friends. In Denmark, everyone saves their unused dishes and plates until December 31st when they take turns shattering them against the doors of their friends & family. They also like to jump off chairs to signify jumping into the new year.

Spain: We all know Spaniards like their grapes, but on NYE grapes are synonymous with good luck. If you can shove 12 grapes in your mouth at midnight, your future is golden. 

Switzerland: The Swiss start their resolutions early apparently by joining together to drop scoops of ice-cream on the floor, instead of indulging. They say it brings luck, peace & wealth in the new year.

South America: Thought you’d never find the appropriate occasion to wear your bright-colored undies??? Think again. In South America people wear colored- underwear on NYE with the hopes that it will bring good fortune. Red chonies means you’ll find love, gold panties bring wealth, and tidy whities signify peace. 

Peru: Now here’s something we can relate to. Every year in a small Peruvian town, villagers fist fight to settle their differences. We’ve all been to dive bar. Have we not? Just saying.

Puerto Rico: Grab your umbrella. In Puerto Rico, they throw pails of water out of their windows to will away evil spirits. 

France: Now we’re talking. In France, people eat a stack of pancakes to welcome the new year. We’re always in awe of the French, but were seriously reconsidering “French Women Don’t Get Fat.”

Thailand: This culture also enjoys throwing water on people, but they up the ante by smearing each other with gray talc, too. Beyond bizarre.

Romania: Farmers spend their NYE trying to communicate with their cows. If they’re successful, they’ll have good luck in the new year.  Crossing off “Becoming a Farmer in Romania” from my bucket list.

How do we celebrate NYE here at The De Luxe Balloon Company? You guessed it. Rocking out seriously-fierce balloon installs, like the 99+ luft balloons we did for Moorpark Country Club’s epic soiree last year. Happy celebrating! Here’s to a bright year ahead.

Christina Madrid